YouTube star becomes a rising sensation

A former YouTube sensation has become a top music producer. George Miller is a rising sensation in the music industry. He built a large fanbase for an unpopular genre of music and did it in an unconventional way.

Miller started his online persona with a YouTube channel in 2013. Accumulating over six million subscribers through his explicit content, he experienced a wave of fame. His channel was successful because of the timing of his appearance. In 2013 YouTube was still a friendly platform filled with tame and friendly videos, but Miller’s content was bizarre and intense. His videos were filled with stunts and games that were dangerous and sickening, but it was a new type of entertainment that caught the attention of many viewers.

His videos were filled with offensive and satirical jokes that were expressed in a goofy manner. He became a growing influence for others on the platform. Besides his stunts or commentary he attempted to make music, just like his YouTube channel, his music was vulgar but highlighted his originality and potential.

He released a professional album last year titled “Pink Guy.” He sang as a character he created from his YouTube channel and with 40 million views on a single song, Miller decided to follow his passion for music. Shocking to fans, he left his teenager personality behind and quit his YouTube channel.

Fans were devastated but Miller remained committed to his music. He commented on his disappearance through a tweet and spoke about his reasonings for leaving. His recurring health issues caused a reflection and change to his previous persona.

Miller changed his online name to Joji and released a new album that contrasted his previous look. He made music that was upbeat but had saddening lyrics. He joined the Anti-pop genre and started to get professional. Joji’s new sound shocked many on the internet. His album “In Tongues” publicly displayed a different look and a clear change to his character. He became a featuring artist on Spotify and joined a major media company called 88rising.

Miller well be known for his previous actions with Filthy Frank but his change in character is pleasing and noteworthy. Joji’s fame is growing from a crowd he hopes to please and with his latest tour and album “Ballads,” his music is passionate and healthy for his creative experience.