Will Smith: time to give up the music

Most artists get into the music industry because they’re talented and love what they do. There’s no cap on how long an artist can make music, but when should one finally put down the mic? Will Smith like most hip-hop rappers is an entrepreneur; he produces music, acts in movies and television shows, and is Co-Founder of Overbrook Entertainment. As time goes on, trends and fads die out, these rappers’ music will become old and irrelevant, so they need a way to remain relevant and wealthy.

Smith had a number of hits in the late 90s/early 2000s, from “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” to “Wild Wild West,” he stayed number one on the charts during his prime. The rapper decided to step away from the music industry in 2005 releasing his last hip-hop album Lost and Found. It was only a matter of time before he would step back into making music. In 2011 Smith released a Christmas album and a folk album in 2012.

With Smith’s success in acting one would think he would stick to that. Kids from today’s generation mostly know Will Smith for his roles on the big screen, not for his music. It’s safe to say, his absence in the music world isn’t affecting people as much as Beyoncé’s absence would.  

Recently the actor released a dance/electric single with DJ Jazzy Jeff called “Get Lit.” The first problem with this is when people hear the word “lit” you picture a teenager saying it, not a 49 year-old man. Second, is the awful fake Jamaican accent he puts on to match the “vibes” in the song’s beat. I’m still not quite sure what bothers me more, the fact that he wants 20 year-olds to get “turnt” to this song in the club or how many times I hear the word “lit” throughout the three and a half minute song.

It was hard for me not to cringe while listening, but the worst part was the post-chorus.

We ain’t party Megatrons
We transform and get lit

These two lines are repeated four times, a good 20 seconds of cringing. I think it’s best for everyone if Smith sticks to showbiz and officially let the music go.