‘The Finest Hours’ tides in as a great thrill


“Based on a true story,” that line is certainly a familiar one. That phrase wasn’t what caught my attention about “The Finest Hours.” Nor was it Chris Pine’s dreamy blue eyes, but the fact that Disney produced the film. Especially one that followed a historic rescue mission.

On Feb. 18, 1952 in the midst of a huge storm off the coast of Cape Cod, two oil tankers split in two. Pendleton, one tanker was called, forced for a coast guard and three other untrained volunteers to go to their rescue.

Pine himself stars in the film as Coast Guardsman Bernie Webber. This particular role differs from his usual confident, bad boy roles like Captain Jim Kirk from “Star Trek” or as Cinderella’s Prince from “Into The Woods.” While Pine usually acts with his held high with a smirk on his lips in his other performances, he’s timid, worrisome and keeps his head low.

He’s essentially the heart of the movie. Webber is the underdog that everyone roots for and admires. “The Finest Hours” is a story of remaining brave and selfless when faced with risk and death.

The movie did an incredible job capturing the 1950s rescue vibe, it’s astonishing. Statement pieces in their wardrobe give a sense of nostalgia for that time era. The music in the background is even spot on. The cold winter setting of 1952 gives off a cold vibe. It gives viewers a look at what the conditions were like for the coast guard back then.

Absolutely thrilling. I was at the edge of my seat, gasping as the water completely engulfed the rescuers. It was nearly impossible to see them go on their journey to the poor 32 men.

While Webber was essentially the hero was kept fighting on despite the odds, the supporting characters stood out in their own special way as well.

Holliday Grainger, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Keiynan Lonsdale, and John Ortiz portray the characters who were also in the story with depth and genuine. The acting this ensemble delivered was superb.

“The Finest Hours” tells a story of hope, courage and loss.

My only complaint was that the movie was predictable, and a bit cliche. Nonetheless, a thrilling tale.

Disney did well in telling this remarkable, beautiful story. It’s definitely a movie that puts a grin on someone’s face after watching.