‘Sharknado’ takes its final bite as a movie franchise

“The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time” is the sixth and final movie of its franchise. The movie once again finds Fin Shepard, the protagonist of all six movies, in a quest to get rid of their shark problem. This time he’s aiming to solve the issue at the place where it all started.

Back in the very first “Sharknado,” the plot was simple and didn’t include anything extra. There was just a gigantic tornado that went along the ocean while sharks spiraled out of it. The film series has turned into quite the opposite, and not for the better.

The first movie gave the audience a sense of hope for the franchise. The props were better, the acting was less dramatic, and the plot made it way easier to follow along. Yes, the first movie was a bit predictable, but it still kept the audience engaged. The suspense that used to be there is now gone because the movies have now become way too predictable. It seems to me that the movies have just gotten worse overtime.

In the sixth movie, Fin begins his hunt by reviving his family using a sharknado-turned-time-machine to try and stop the first ever sharknado. Through the different eras in time, Fin faces battles against everything from dinosaurs to medieval nights to the expected sharks.

This movie puts the entire franchise into perspective. It sets all the characters back to the beginning of the series, with the same predictable plot. The scenes in the movie seem to be too roughly mashed together with overly dramatic props and an even more unimpressive soundtrack.

Even if this weren’t considered your typical award-winning movie from the time it first aired, it was able to pull in a large audience. Now with all of these changes and complications, the decline in an audience shows where these decisions have landed the franchise.

Let’s be honest, the purpose of watching any one of these movies has never been for a great plot and exquisite acting. The cheesy acting and terrible CGI isn’t what’s pulling in viewers. People watch “Sharknado” not because they think it’s going to be a good movie, but because they simply can’t turn away.

The actors seemed overdramatic throughout the whole movie. That has been the case in all of the previous movies too, but this time it was way over the top. The excessive amount of this makes it hard for the audience to concentrate on the plot.

It’s long overdue for this film series to come to an end. There never fails to be an outrageous premise and cringe humor in this series. The screenplay has so many unnecessary references and jokes that makes it close to unbearable.

Despite all the distracting noises, horrible soundtrack, and what seems to be charity work acting, the film is just bottom line boring. The time traveling aspect, however, did give the audience something to enjoy. Unfortunately, not even that saved the rest of the tacky production values and the one key plot development.

I highly doubt there will be too many people out there that are worked up and angry about the “Sharknado” franchise coming to an end. It really is about time it’s the end of this sci-fi mess.