Same Drake, different sound

‘Nothing was the Same’ highlights rapper’s versatility

“Nothing Was The Same” is overall a great listen. Drake as a rapper is when he is at his best, but Drake as a singer is when he falls short. There were some songs on this album that if he didn’t have great beats they would have fell flat, a great save though. He has precise wordplay, punch lines, lyricism and sets his own standards as to what this album is all about. I really enjoy how personal Drake got on this album, he continues to give us an introspective look inside fame, family, relationships, haters and his overall position in the music industry.

“Too Much” is one of Drake’s most confessional songs, dealing with the anxiety of overthinking. Drake calls out to his mother, uncle, and entire family, “Guess since my text message didn’t resonate, I’ll just say it here” and gives compassionate lines trying to provoke his family to live the lives they once dreamed of.

Drake is on a tier higher than other artists and continues to show his versatility with this album.