‘Pitch Perfect 3’ a let down at the very least

The comedic gem Pitch Perfect set the bar very high when it was released back in 2012. The blockbuster received a 7.3 star rating from IMBb and brought in 115.4 million dollars in box office.

After a somewhat successful Pitch Perfect 2, there were very high hopes for the sequel. Unfortunately, those expectations were not met. Main characters from parts one and two, the Trebles, male acapella group were cut from Pitch Perfect 3. Many viewers were disappointed when they found out the Treblemakers such as: Bumper, Jesse, and Benji, were cut from the trilogy because “the producers seemed to be taking the story in a different direction,” according to actor Skylar Astin (Jesse.)

Aside from the removal of the Treblamakers the movie doesn’t keep the same plot as the first two did. The Barden Bellas no longer attend Barden University nor compete in acapella competitions. They are now pictured in their adulthood. The members of the old group reconnect when they come to realize life as an adult isn’t the same as it was in college.

Missing their old performing days, the washed up Bellas decide to give the singing gig one last hoorah. They join a U.S.O. tour and compete against other artists for a chance to open up for super-star and record producer Dj Khaled.

The Bellas soon realize that the pop and music industry is very different from the collegiate acapella la la land that they are used to. Seeing the ladies perform against bands who use actual instruments wasn’t the same as when they competed against other acapella groups.

The movie itself didn’t include much singing, snippets of routines were quickly aired but it didn’t have the High School Musical feel Pitch Perfect 1 andgave off.

Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) seemed to be the star of the sequel. Most of the movie is based off of her encounter with her corrupt father. Aside from the part where Fat Amy saves her fellow group members from her father’s yacht, there wasn’t much to laugh at.

An hour and a half of an unfocused plot and little humor, Pitch Perfect 3 was a let down. The movie received 6.2 rating from IBMd and a 5.3 on a good day from me.