New ride thrills into ‘a rush of adrenaline’

Amusement parks– they’re meant to be a place of entertainment; somewhere to get a rush of adrenaline.

But with the same ones that we see everywhere, it’s rare to be thrilled.

Take a trip down to Santa Clara to California’s Great America, and it’ll be a trip worth while.

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As of 2013, the new Gold Striker wooden rollercoaster is finally open. It goes up its highest hill ofover100 feet, while reaching speeds of 54 miles per hour after the drop. Tilting, and turning, it races through 3,200 feet of track.

The most anticipating part, of course, is the line wait. Hearing the roar of the coaster rushing through the tracks builds up ambition.

Finally, after what feels like forever, the fun begins, once in the carts of the coaster.

Slowly, it will climax to the highest hill, then jolt to the right while dropping down.

At last, a rush of adrenaline flows through ones body.

It’s the best feeling ever. After an insane adventure of drops, and strong turns, the rides over and the only sound heard is the loud beating of ones heart. On an intensity level of 10, the Gold Striker deserves a 10.

So before summer ends make sure to take a trip to Great America, and ride it. Also remember, smile for the camera!