Minions deserve more appreciation

As a big sister I have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to my younger siblings. Recently my youngest brother, who is one, discovered the movie Despicable Me so now he has to watch it everyday. At first I was getting pretty annoyed at the fact that the soundtrack was stuck in my head all day, but then I had an epiphany. Minions aren’t that bad.

In fact, in the animation world they happen to be quite underappreciated. Instead of being known for their catchy songs and cool outfits that consist of jean overalls featuring their yellow skin, they are talked about as annoying. They made every Despicable Me movie successful and basically stole the show. They even were able to have a spinoff movie of their own.

The minions as a whole have something that pulls me in. Even if they aren’t meant to be super interesting, I find myself wondering how they came to be. When did they come into existence? How did they find their owner? There’s so many unanswered questions that can be asked about the existence of minions. Yet, even with all of my questions, I still love their concept.

To show my appreciation of the movie and the minions I started to listen to the soundtrack. As of now my favorite song is probably Happy Together. I also have the pleasure in listening to popular songs with a minion parody of them singing on the soundtrack so that is equally awesome.

The point of this story is to give minions along with Despicable Me the exposure that they deserve. So sit back, turn on Netflix, and start binge watching the movies- or at least turn on the soundtrack.