Letting the light in

Bubbly popstar Katy Perry ‘Roars’ with a new part of her

For years, Katy Perry has shocked her audience with revealing Candyland themed outfits and music videos, but that’s the old Perry.

Her newest album “Prism” was released in the Fall and proves her music is growing with her. She has also taken a more mature fashion sense while preforming. Even if you didn’t care for Perry’s previous albums, you should give this one a chance. After all, it might surprise you.

The album is titled “Prism” because she has come to realize that her previous albums were too focused on shocking her audience and trying to create a hit song, where now she’s showing more interest into letting the light in and showing the self reflection that appeared to be missing in all of her other music.

“Prism” offers a variety of softer music stylings and includes songs with a fresh pop style that tell the story of Perry’s relationships, experiences and how she has grown as a singer/songwriter altogether.

Even though her music has noticeably grown, she has kept some of her old self alive with lyrics like “You held me down but I got up,/ Get ready cuz I’ve had enough.”

The first hit on her new album “Roar” can easily be compared to her 2012 hit “Part Of Me.” They both are empowering, which Perry is known for, and the songs have catchy tunes to match. They both share the same story of someone finally sticking up for herself.

“Roar” was nominated for both song and video of the year at the Grammy’s, proving that her audience is staying loyal to her despite her change in sound.

Some other well known songs on “Prism” include “Dark Horse,” which is performed with Rapper Juicy J. And while at first this seemed like a strange team they compliment one anothers’ voice and sound.

This song has a gloomy tone and eerie sound. With lyrics like “So you want to play with magic,/ Boy you should know what you’re falling for,” she tells the story of her dark secrets and offers a warning to those involving themselves in her life.

The lyrics “Are you ready for a perfect storm?” use figurative language to imply that she is the storm.

“Unconditionally” has become another popular song, with poetic lyrics and a pop melody. This song will leave you wishing for the love Perry sings of in this song. This may be one of the best songs on her album.

“Unconditionally” is very similar to my personal favorite “Legendary Lovers.” The introduction starts with a mid-ballad tribal sound and then the sound smoothly flows into a hypnotizing indie tone. The song creates a relaxing mood and you will soon find yourself not only singing along but tapping your foot to the beat as well.

Even though this song is not as well known as “Roar,” it has the potential of being her next hit.

Over time Perry started to sound like a girl-empowering broken record, but with her new album she shows a softer, more down-to-earth sound that offers more diversity to her listeners.

This “I kissed a girl” singer has come a long way. She has stepped out of her comfort zone and is no longer relying on provocative costumes that seemed to do nothing but mask her talent. She tries out various styles on this album and shockingly they all seem to compliment her as a singer. It proves that the time she has put into this album is paying off. Perry has found her voice and it has honestly never sounded better.