‘Justice League’ amazes, but also slightly fails

Justice League finds DC Comics superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman racing to form a team after learning that an invasion is on the brink of happening. Their team consists of Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, and themselves. However, because Superman is dead, this brings the question of whether the heroes are strong enough to save the world without him.

Of the team, Flash and Aquaman were able to stand out the most. Their dialogue, action, and funny jokes excited the audience, including myself. Gal Gadot reprised her role as Wonder Woman once again, but not as good as before. Ben Affleck’s take on Batman was better than he had done in previous movies, but still not good enough for the audience. And sadly, Ray Fisher’s performance as Cyborg was far below expectations. He had only gave us a few funny lines, nothing more.

When started, the movie did seem to rush a bit, but it eventually was able to slow down. This didn’t ruin the movie, but it could’ve been better if they had decided not to cut those beginning scenes. Nonetheless, the opening scenes were able to perfectly depict a world without Superman. The song choice and acting had complimented each other flawlessly.

The movie marks the fifth movie of the DC Extended Universe. However, it was able to make itself unique from the other movies. Most of them had a darker tone while this one focused on having a lighter tone with lots of jokes. This could be because of the director switch midway through production. Unfortunately, some people had found the change irritating because it felt forced. Personally, I agree with the viewers who believe the tone change was a bad decision.

Surprisingly, the movie had only made about $96 million during the opening weekend. This comes as a disappointment since the movie had been projected to make more. The disappointment can be due to the score given by Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, the movie stands at a 41% which is too low considering it deserves at least a 75%. At least the audience was able to score it right, giving the movie an 84%.

The movie may have had a couple of problems, but it certainly wasn’t a movie deserving that low of a score. The future of the DC Extended Universe is now uncertain because of the disappointing opening weekend for Justice League. As of right now, the next movie scheduled is Aquaman, which releases December 21st, 2018.