‘It’ floats to top of the box office

With summer box office numbers sinking to a record low, Hollywood has been in desperate need for a film to give a jolt to the industry. This past weekend, Hollywood received that jolt when “It,” an adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel, arrived in theaters.

A plethora of fans around the nation flocked to cinemas as the film earned a whopping $123.1 million over the course of just three days, which is the largest opening for a September release and the biggest horror debut of all time.

“It” stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, a demonic clown who relentlessly terrorizes a group of misfits known as the Losers’ Club.

Though there are plenty of frightening scenes and shocking moments, the film is also packed with funny one-liners delivered to perfection by “Stranger Things” alum Finn Wolfhard. He, along with the rest of the child actors, all deliver strong performances and it wouldn’t be surprising if we see more of them on the silver screen in the near future.

The creative team behind the blockbuster is cautious to not fall into tropes commonly associated with horror, unlike other recent entries in the genre. “It” is not your stereotypical monster movie that relies solely on jump scares and overused plot devices. There is a far deeper message present in the narrative.

The story highlights the overwhelming power of friendship and shows that there truly is strength in numbers. Our young heroes don’t feel secured by their weapons, but in the comfort they find within each other. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why “It” is resonating so deeply with audiences as opposed to past horror flicks that have come and gone.

Director Andrés Muschietti and screenwriter Gary Dauberman succeeded in crafting a motion picture that appeals to both die-hard fans of the source material and casual viewers. Whether you’re familiar with the 1986 bestseller or not, “It” provides an enjoyable movie-going experience.