‘Halloween’ scares up an impressive audience

As the rebirth of a beloved franchise with rocky bumps, this year’s “Halloween” made sure to hit every positive the original had. And with time passed by from the original, the movie made sure to cater to a modern audience rather than the one from forty years ago.

Although it may have adjusted to this era, the franchise made up for it to nostalgic fans by bringing back its star lead Jamie Lee Curtis. Cleaning the slate for the franchise, this movie ignores every single sequel to the original. This may bring a bit of confusion to fans, but it does make up for it just by Curtis’s performance.

Curtis’s character Laurie Strode, who was previously killed off in one of the sequels, is able to be unique from other mediocre horror characters because she shows the effect a traumatic event like that can have on a person.

Not one moment of Curtis on screen did the audience lose focus. It’s clear she put her all into the role, as this was probably special to her since the original movie jump started her acting career. Along with her the impressive cast also made sure to bring their characters to life, full of fear.

The villain of the franchise, Michael Myers, made sure to scare, always popping out at random moments to jumpscare the audience. His kills were also very impressive, as that’s what makes a horror movie stand out. For example, he turns one of his victim’s head into a jack-o-lantern.

The movie had a plot that wasn’t inconsistent and confusing like past sequels, and stuck to the basic, yet effective elements. Making over $70 million just for its opening weekend, a sequel is almost guaranteed. Fans can only hope the franchise will continue to produce movies that won’t disappoint.