From ‘Spectre,’ with disappointment

From Spectre, with disappointment

After Sam Mendes’s success directing “Skyfall”, and “Spectre” most likely being Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie, I was expecting the film to end with surprise or some sort of umph— but it certainly did not.

“007” is back on a quest to get to the bottom of what is a sinister group under the name of SPECTRE. Former nemeses show up from Bond’s past, causing him to travel to places such as Mexico, Austria and North Africa to gather intelligence.

Craig, reprising his role as James Bond, brings the espionage, the action, the wit, the seduction, and of course the famous “shaken, not stirred” martini line. There’s no other punch to the movie. The film lacks in everything else.

It’s clear what Mendes is attempting to convey: a sense of nostalgia, humanity and plain bad-assery but it just doesn’t cut it. Instead, what is presented is dull and predictable.

The action sequences were enthralling as they played out until Bond’s post-fight nonchalance killed the short-lived suspense it had.

Lea Seydoux is introduced as the typical “Bond girl,” Madeline Swain. In order words, the “damsel in distress” who fails to move me with her cliched dialogues.
The static side characters add nothing to the already shallow plot. The “baddies” weren’t an exception. The whole thing was pretty pathetic. The film had so much potential , but didn’t take advantage of such a great ensemble: Q (Ben Whishaw), M (Ralph Fiennes), Moneypenny (Naomie Harris).

Plot wise, the conflict was weak and didn’t really come up until the very end. It seemed like the movie was never going to reach the climax. At one point, I glanced at my phone to check how much time was left. I was done with the movie an hour before the credits reeled in. 

The film began in Mexico City with the camera following Bond as he weaved through a Dia De Los Muertos festival. Camera tricks were used in order to project that scene was shot in one take.

The one thing that stood out was the gripping scenery. While everything else failed, I won’t forget the beautiful cinematography and panning shots. It’s just great to watch how well the camera and Bond flow together.

Overall, it was somewhat entertaining but vehemently disappointing. It’s definitely the worst Bond movie yet.