FENTY BEAUTY creates the perfect lip gloss

Being able to get your hands on makeup hasn’t been this tough since Kylie Jenner released her makeup line. Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty has been in high-demand and flourishing for the two months it’s been out. Her line was released on September 8 and I’ve finally got my hands on one of her products. Rihanna’s lip gloss “Gloss Bomb” is her only lip product in her whole line.

According to Sephora, the lip gloss is claimed to be a “universal lip luminizer.”  The product is a nude rose shade that is supposed to “fit” everyone’s skin tone. Being a makeup hoarder myself I can say that finding lip products that look good with your own particular skin tone can be tough. Taking that into consideration, makeup companies tend to release multiple different shades of lip products.

Despite my doubts, Rihanna lived up to her word, Gloss Bomb gives great coverage and is truly a rosey nude that looks good with my skin tone. To make sure the product looked good on “everyone” I read tons of reviews; @joules21 said, “Rihanna nailed this formulation. It looks stunning on ALL skin colours.”

Aside from the color the formula is to die for. Lip gloss can be a hit or miss when coming to its formula. A common thing you find with lip glosses is the stickiness. Sticky lip gloss tends to dry out, leaving your lips looking chapped after thirty minutes of wear. Without being sticky, this lip gloss hydrates and moisturizes with shea butter, leaving your lips feeling delectably smooth.

Another bonus is the smell. It smells like warm vanilla with a hint of peach, it reminds me of the Lip Smackers we knew and loved as kids. Overall, Rihanna created a great product that lived up to all expectations. This lip gloss left me wanting more.