‘Deadpool’ doesn’t disappoint


Deadpool was highly anticipated, hyped up and spewing out promotional trailers among other things. Consequently, high expectations were set and, surprisingly, they were met.

Played by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool was the perfect anti-hero. He’s rude, constantly uses profanity, kills with little to no thought and has nothing to hold him back. Of course this is nothing new, characters like this are relatively common but the execution made him stand out. Reynolds has been a fan of “Deadpool” for some time now, which is probably the reason for its immense success. He did what he felt would do good by the character himself, which means he of course took a jibe at how they mutilated him in ”Wolverine: X-men origins” by sewing his mouth shut and practically morphing him into an evil lapdog who took orders from his creators. The merc with a mouth was practically ruined.

His story was conveyed effectively and humorously. His fiancé Copycat, aka Vanessa Carlyle is played by Morena Baccarin. Baccarin’s performance, though not bad, was disappointing in comparison to Reynolds. He seemed to be an inferno while she was a flickering flame. Perhaps this was because of her near one dimensional personality due to her lack of character development. You can’t do much when all your character is meant to do is love the protagonist.

All other characters seemed to lack development in a way, as if they never existed before Deadpool did or only existed for the sake of him. In a way though, it was nice to only focus on him. It was if all the characters included were used to develop him.

Regardless, he has plenty of personality to make up for the lack that the other characters have. His playfulness is charming and brashness exhilarating, considering he can’t die all that easily.

The traditional cameo by Stan Lee, the creator of Deadpool himself did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

The movie itself was full of fourth wall breaks, even a fourth wall break within a fourth wall break. That’s like, 16 walls.

Deadpool’s snarky comments about the events happening made it difficult to pick something to dislike, considering he already called it out, made fun of it, and effectively made you forget you even disliked it in the first place.

So when, and yes I say when and not if, you see it, tell Deadpool he looks good in red, and that Ajax has never been a satisfactory cleaning product.