‘Bangerz’ shows Miley’s maturity

Bangerz shows Mileys maturity

Adrianna Owens

Let’s forget the tongue and the twerking. Let’s disregard the VMA performance and the rubber outfit. Let’s not remember the Hannah Montana days.

Let’s focus on the music.

Without the obvious turn-offs getting in the way, really sit down and listen to the tracks on “Bangerz” by Miley Cyrus.

The album opens with a lovely ballad, entitled “Adore You” which shows that the album is not about twerking and dancing around with oversized teddy bears. In this song, she compares her lover to an army that protects her. She professes her love and neediness, and one can really sense that she put her heart and soul into singing the lyrics, and making them true.

As the album progresses, one can see that the artist is no longer that innocent little girl that she once was seen as. She has grown, and matured. With tracks like “We Can’t Stop” and “Do My Thang,” she is telling the world that she doesn’t care what people think anymore. That she isn’t going to let the media, or anyone for that matter, stop her from being true to herself.

She breaks free from this image that was once thrust upon her. The image that some are still not willing to let go.

But Cyrus addresses this people with “Do My Thang,” in which one can see that she notices that she is strange, but she doesn’t care. She will do what she pleases with her life, and she won’t be chained to the image of a smiling Hannah Montana.

All in all, Miley Cyrus’s I-don’t-care attitude fits her album well, as it is about love and finding your identity. The singer won’t let anything hold her back, and this makes the album enjoyable.