American Horror Story— Join the freakshow

They’re here.

Deformed men, conjoined women, and the famous Twisty the Clown!

It’s a Freakshow.

With its 4th season, American Horror Story fulfills the expectations of the strange, the unusual, and the demented.

Taking place in the 1950s, of Jupiter, Florida, the story focuses on the last remaining freakshows of America and highlights each characters’ own struggle and their struggle as a whole to survive. The storyline starts off slow but picks up after the introduction of the plot that leaves the audience in anticipation and full of confusion.

Why didn’t she run? Who is he? What’s wrong with them?

But the endless amount of questions asked aren’t surprising due to the fact that American Horror Story is known for the suspense. Remaining actors like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Fiona Goode adapt to their new roles as deformed monsters to give off a deranged vibe through great acting.

Although more vulgar and provocative compared to the last three seasons, American Horror Story: Freakshow is well worth the time of understanding the confusion through the storyline.

So go on and experience it yourself.

Join the Freakshow.