A slice of fun

New pizza place attracts eater

The first thoughts that most high schoolers have in their head once they hear the glorious ringing of the bell for lunch or the end of school goes a little something like,
“Finally! Class is over!” *Stomach growls* “Man, I’m hungry. Where can I go off campus to get something to eat that’s inexpensive?”
Well, the new and improved Depot Pizza may offer some relief to the empty stomachs of students and walk-in customers alike.
The restaurant was previously known as Saigon Sandwich which offered Vietnamese style sandwiches and lunch plates, and was a popular spot for getting a bite to eat.
However, after some surprising news, the old owner sold his beloved restaurant and went back to work.
Now the restaurant is under the ownership of Le Nguyen who previously owned a bayside pizza place, hence why she has added pizza to the menu.
To the relief of students, alumni, and local patrons alike, the spirit of Saigon Sandwich lives on as the owner has kept the Vietnamese items on the menu.
So obviously, to the majority of student that are unemployed, the first question is always, “How much is it going to cost me?”
Well, the restaurant offers the same prices regardless if you want plain cheese, pepperoni, or a combination pizza. For a group of friends coming in for lunch or right after school, a large costs $7.99 while a medium will cost $4.99. But is the food well worth the price?
The restaurant is known for having quality Vietnamese food, so the main focus was the quality of the pizza.
After ordering the pizza, the customer can expect to wait around 10 minutes before the pizza is brought to their table, fresh out of the oven.
The service lacks here because no plates are provided to the customers beforehand and must be asked for.
The pizza is clearly fresh from the heat as the crust exerts and the melted cheese elongates as each slice is pulled apart from the whole.
The pizza doesn’t go overboard with the sauce which is quite delectable but the cheese tastes like that of store bought string cheese.
Over all, the pizza is very filling and is worth the price of $8. Although the service could be better, the owner and employees at Depot Pizza are very down to earth and very friendly people.