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ENEKEYO SAKATA: An arrestee’s perspective

March 12, 2019

Senior Enekeyo Sakata was apart of the Every 15 minutes program. Sakata reflects on how the scenario...

KRISSI DOUGHTERY: Drama has promising expansion

February 27, 2019

Senior Krissi Doughtery shares her experience with becoming drama clubs active president. She shares...

JOSEPH LOGAN: Video games are a way to connect to the community

February 18, 2019

Sophomore Joseph Logan plays all kinds of games. The big games, like Anthem, allow him to experience what every...

ANGELO MARTINEZ: Offers insight to graphic design

February 11, 2019

Junior Angelo Martinez describes his current project in the graphic design class. Touching on past lessons and ...

Learning languages aids communications skills

February 11, 2019

She remembers hearing stories from her grandmother in Malaysian, and soon enough she started getting...

BROOKELYNN SIGLE: New swim coach pushes team more than before

February 4, 2019

The new swim coach Michael Bria has been pushing the team harder than ever. Junior, Brookelynn Sigle...

Neglected Program seeks more funding

February 4, 2019

Nadia Dutra is a senior who believes the art program deserves more recognition. “Art allows me to express mys...

Adkins scholars program provides finical guidance

February 4, 2019

Applications, financial aid, grants, scholarships, and college. For those who consider themselves to be c...

Parent awarnes is needed online

February 3, 2019

Technology has opened up the door for children to consume more online media. “Youtube” is a popul...

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