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SOFIA GARCIA: Tamale Festival brings community together

October 16, 2017

Junior Sofia Garcia attended the annual Tamale Festival at the fairgrounds with her family. Members of...


October 4, 2017

Every year, people from and around Stockton gather at the Stockton Arena to take part in the culture...

EMILY WATTERSON: Moving from Oregon to California

October 2, 2017

Junior Emily Watterson was from Oregon and moved to Stockton. She talks about her previous and found...

NADIA DUTRA: Korean Club brings fans together

September 25, 2017

Junior Nadia Dutra is president of the Korean Club, who meets and discusses various aspects of Korean...

NICOLAS DE LA CRUZ: Confident to act

September 11, 2017

Senior Nicolas De La Cruz, Drama Club member recommends others to join to “come out of their shelves.”

GEOFFERY ALLEN: Applying previous skills to new sport

September 8, 2017

Senior Geoffery Allen played baseball before trying out for water polo. He says the sport is challenging...

CHRISTOPHER BEATY: VMAs prove to be good but somewhat disappointing

August 28, 2017

Senior Christopher Beaty enjoyed the Video Music Awards that aired on August 27, but he has not happy...

KEIMORA ARMSTRONG: From watching cartoons to drawing cartoons

August 21, 2017

Keimora Armstrong, sophomore, was influenced by her family to start drawing. It has become her favorite...

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