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New leaders bring drastic changes

While there has been a massive negative response to new administration on a national scale, local level shows promise

After Nov. 8, Stockton was affected by two notable new elected officials were met with starkly different reactions. After that day, it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. Under the Trump administration, many people are wary of the way things will pan out, especially for citizens of lower socioeconomic status.

His policies would affect many Stocktonians, including students. Reaction to talk of the wall proposed to be built on the U.S.-Mexico border has shocked our large Mexican population. What will happen to their families, what will happen to the students themselves? The possible repeal of Obamacare has scared the millions of people that depend on it.

How will these people afford to take care of themselves and their families? The banning of entry to the U.S. from Muslim majority countries separates people from their loved ones. These are acts of isolation and hatred, of gross ignorance. The wellbeing of the people seems to be ignored, and the personal aspect of politics is disregarded. We are in a time where new administration has presented unwelcome and drastic changes.

However, change can also open the doors to improvement.

The new administration in Stockton is not only welcome but celebrated. Due to the reputation of Stockton’s previous mayor, Anthony Silva, the stark contrast of mayor Michael Tubbs is refreshing and invigorating. He has already made a strong impact on the city before taking office by heading projects such as the Reinvent South Stockton movement that work in partnership with many other organizations.

He has also shown a concern for students. By working in partnership with Stockton Unified School District he has sponsored a scholarship app named “Scholly” for Stockton students. Any high school student in SUSD has been given a tool to make a trying time in life a bit easier.

Tubbs wants to target “hot zones,” areas high in crime, and make them “job creation zones” by sending the proper resources to create improvement. What does that say for the rest of America? The current president thinks the most logical solution to terrorism is to directly bar movement between us and them. Whereas Trump responds to controversy by dividing, Tubbs responds by unifying.

We are hopeful. Tubbs has shown a genuine interest in the wellbeing of not only Stockton’s economy but in Stocktonians themselves.

There is a personal aspect being considered that seems neglected on a national scale. Tubbs is a true example of what honest work meant to improve a society looks like.

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2 Responses to “New leaders bring drastic changes”

  1. Mark on February 4th, 2017 4:30 pm

    “…sending the proper resources…” aka: tax payers money. In essence, conservatives are the tax payers, while a vast majority of liberals are the tax receivers.
    The liberal democrat playbook, ‘The Rules for Radicals’, insist that the defeat of Capitalism and the Free Market system will occur when you DIVIDE the masses into disenfranchised separate groups.
    The modern democrat party thrives, nay, REQUIRES a divided nation to remain in political significance.
    The democrats almost always are on the wrong side of history. When Republicans tried to end slavery, the democrats fought a war (civil war) to keep their slave trade alive. The democrats where instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) while Republicans tried to disband that democrat racist hate group, and end Jim Crow laws.
    The Civil Rights Act which, in part, would allow blacks to vote, was vehemently opposed by the democrat party. This was a main reason why Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican.
    History Matters. It is sorely lacking in public education. Sadly, young students are indoctrinated in the democrat party scribe of hate, division, and compartmentalization.


  2. Melody Tennant on February 5th, 2017 5:17 pm

    Thank you, Stagg Online, for reminding me of the positive happenings in Stockton with Michael Tubbs! Boy, I needed this!!


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New leaders bring drastic changes