WEEKLY GALLERY: Speech and Debate

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  • Podiums for each debater to present their view on the topic that they are discussing.

  • Freshman Gavin Williams presents why he does not believe that people should not feel guilty for killing zombies.

  • Senior Risa Kinard debates that the new Ted Bundy movie is romanticizing him.

  • Freshmen Marquise Smith and Jeffery Caracol debate whether smoking is still a problem among teens.

  • Senior Cyrus Hinojos debates that students should not be able to decorate graduation caps.

  • Freshmen Vincent Fantulin and Jesus MaciasLopez debate whether should NFL players get free health care.

  • Senior Keon Patton gives his reasoning why cheer leading is a sport and freshman Seth Dureault strategize his response.

  • Freshmen Gino McIntosh and Gavin Williams debate whether you should you feel guilty about killing zombies.

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