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  • Junior Valencia Flores smashing a flower she chose to find the pigments.

  • Senior Jonathan Uribe and Junior Jessica Kunz complete their lab together as they test the pigment from an orange peel.

  • The students in AP Bio did a lab and smashed objects then put onto a paper in either water or alcohol. This is carrot in the process of being smashed.

  • Seniors Malia Christiano and Averie get assistance from their teacher on their lab.

  • Uribe smashes his pigments down to the smallest components he can test the pigment.

  • Junior Isabel Collazo and partner Maha Kaman putting their pigment into the test tube figure out how long the transaction will take.

  • Students tested the pigments of each of their own objects, then tested them in either alcohol or water t o see how long it would take for the pigment to transact.

  • Senior Jacob Lloyd follows his procedures on his lab book to go along with the lab.

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