WEEKLY GALLERY: Biology coin toss lab


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  • In sophomore biology class the students learn about probability and the event of chances with a penny toss.

  • Sophomore's Elizabeth Cerna and Cecilia Garcia compete in a coin toss. They are trying to see what outcome will be the most occurring, heads or tails.

  • Sophomore Gabirela Perez has flipped the penny to see how probability works in the lab.

  • Sophomore Khmauni Perry and his lab partner anticipate the penny in the air to land on heads or tails after.

  • Sophomore Julian Bautista asks biology teacher Marry Martin about how probability works.

  • Sophomore Shiannoh Mallet focuses on trying to catch the penny.

  • Sophomore Joseph Mallet is very excited to see what the penny has landed on.

  • Sophomore's Marissa Hernandez and Jesus Merando research different possibilities in the project.

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