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Sathina Flores

Position: Sports Editor

Nickname(s)Scintillating Sathina

Fun FactI'm going to be the future President of America.

HobbiesAs one of my hobbies, I love to run with my cross country team. Not only just with them but on my free time as well. I also enjoy reading books, watching movies, and drawing. But most of all I love talking about sports.  

Why I joined journalismI joined journalism because I like to inform people of what's going on around them. I also enjoy writing and even though the writing in journalism is different then a free write there are so many levels to writing as a journalist which makes it fun. Journalism to me is like a second family because they're always there for you to help, improve, and strengthen you.

GoalsMy goal on staff is to one day be able to feel accomplished with all the work I've done in journalism. And after school I plan to minor in journalism so that I can continue to write and be a journalist.

Sathina Flores, Sports Editor

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Sathina Flores