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Maria Castillo
Name: Maria Castillo

Position: Editor in Chief

Favorite Subject: I enjoy my literature class a lot, so literature.

Fun Fact: I LOVE ketchup and One Direction. Some people are surprised when I tell them I am Mexican. Yes, 100% Mexican. I consider myself a fun person to be around. Sometimes I get full of energy and I get super hyper haha. xD I love going going to the beach, the sunsets, having a good time with my friends, Being RADical ;) Im a dog person. My favorite animals are sloths and my favorite color is yellow. I wish I could play the piano or do something cool like that.

Favorite Movie and Song: My favorite movie would have to be all of the Jurassic Park movies, including the Jurassic Worlds. The second Jurassic World was better than the first though. Picking a favorite song is hard because I love music so much, my favorite song always changes. At the moment I would have to go with either Purple Afternoon or Brillas, but I have others that are too many to put on this!!!! I would just say that I love songs that I can feel in my soul. Overall, I appreciate music and I don’t know how I could live without it.

Hobbies: Listening to music and hanging out with my bff.

What journalism means to me: To me, journalism is a way to have people's stories heard. It’s a way for the school to come together and find out things they probably didn’t know. I’ve been part of the Stagg Line since my sophomore year and honestly I can’t imagine my high school career without it. It helped me grow as a person. I see things in a different way. I’m more curious than ever to learn about the world and hear the stories a person has to tell.

Goals on staff and after high school: My goals on staff this year is to help everyone as much as I can. I hope that we can all have a super fun time and enjoy eachothers company. I plan to attend college after high school. I don’t know where exactly but I know I want to move to SoCal. I’m also not quite sure of what I want to do but I’ve thought about teaching. I want to be able to work with people, so definitely not a desk job lol.

Maria Castillo, Editor in Chief

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