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My’Kayla Moore

Position: Photo Editor (2015-2016)

Nickname(s): Mickey

Fun Fact: I'm one of those people who have a really disgusting laugh.

Hobbies: reading, writing, a passion for fashion, and Pinterest Queen, and hardcore Tumblr reblogger

Why I joined journalism: I was really into graphics, so I decided to take Graphic Design and Photography. I had no idea Mr. Bott would have a huge impact on me, and I was recruited onto the Stagg Line. As I’ve grown in the class, I found a real and true passion for photography; and really feel like it’s something I will pursue in some way when I’m older. I think it’s really awesome to be in a class where everyone loves the same thing: journalism.

Goals: Now that I know more, I’d love to help the less experienced kids to also find their passion in journalism. And one day, I would like to be a photographer, or maybe be a part of a newspaper, like the Stockton Record, for example. When I’m older, I know for sure I’d love to do something involving journalism.

My'Kayla Moore, Photo Editor

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