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Maria Castillo
Position: Reporter

Nickname(s): Maria Taco, Castillo (pronounced castiyoooo)

Fun Fact: Sometimes I get really hyper. Most of the time actually.

Hobbies: Listen to music and annoy Stephanie.

Why I joined journalism and what it means to me:When I was an incoming freshman, I had signed up to take journalism 1 because I wanted to become a better writer (I still do), but I ended up getting put into graphic design and photography and I realized that I liked designing and loved taking great quality pictures. I then wanted to join journalism to have the opportunity to take stupendous pictures and create stories. Journalism to me means a way to express your ideas. It's a way to let your creativity and imagination set free.

Goals on staff and after high school: My goals on staff this year are to work well with the other staff members, put dedicated work on the StaggLine, and become a better writer and photographer. After high school I want to go to college, but right now I'm not so sure where I want to attend. I have my eye on UCSD, but with all the options, I'm still thinking of where I can see my future.

Maria Castillo, Reporter

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