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Hannah Workman
Position: Reporter

Nickname(s): All Star

Fun Fact: I once got my foot ran over by a minivan while walking to school. It didn’t hurt as much as you’d think it would.

Hobbies: When I’m not at the cinema, breaking ankles on the court, nose deep in a book or performing on stage, you can usually find me plotting to bring down corporate America with Elliot Alderson.

Why I joined journalism and what it means to me: I believe I was put in this world to write, create art, and tell stories. Journalism gives me the opportunity to do all of that. I live and breathe words. They are the beat of my heart and the pulse in my veins.

Goals on staff and after high school: I strive to be a staff member others could rely on, produce high-quality work, and leave an everlasting mark on The Stagg Line. As for after I graduate, I have many aspirations - becoming a published author, filmmaking, showrunning, and sportscasting.

Hannah Workman, Reporter

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