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Estefany Nunez
Position: 2015-2016 Entertainment Editor 2016-2017 Features Editor

Nickname(s): Stevie

Fun Fact: My aesthetic is lipstick, sunglasses and female superheroes.

Hobbies: When I’m not obsessing over Chris Pine or at the cinema, I’m most likely nose deep in a book or ranting about feminism.

Why I joined journalism and what it means to me: I joined journalism in the hopes of improving my writing. Coming out of middle school, I knew joining the newspaper would definitely be an experience I couldn’t shake. I’m leaving high school with four years of journalism under my belt and it’s a great feeling. Journalism has opened many doors for me and given me the opportunity to not only grow as a writer but as a person as well. I see the world differently now, with opened eyes and I’m grateful for it.

Goals on staff and after high school: I hope to become a strong member of the staff. A staff member people could rely on and turn to gain more responsible experience in a work environment. While I’m not very sure on which job I plan to pursue, I hope to follow a path in entertainment. Whether it be working with publishers, write and read screenplays, or become a director — I’m eager to learn.

Estefany Nunez, Features Editor

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