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NPAI VANG: Trying something new becomes new found passion

With the birdie going back and forth across the net at high speeds, it can be difficult to move fast enough to hit it back to the other side of the court. Will I make it? Can I hit it? These are the thoughts that move through junior Npai Vang’s mind as she moves across the badminton court.

She initially started to play badminton because she wanted to “try something new” and has been playing for two years now. She found that she really enjoyed the sport and found it very relaxing despite the quick footwork and high adrenaline of it.

“It really eases my mind.” Vang said.

Although that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy, Vang often struggles with footwork and finds it difficult, but succeeds at doing drives.

Vang also manages to find time to play outside of practice despite the busyness of doing schoolwork. However she usually does it on the weekends when she has more time for it and less work to do for school. She always works to improve her weaknesses to become a better player.  

She recommends badminton to “people who are competitive and want to work hard,” as it’s a very demanding and difficult sport despite its effortless appearance.

“I just love it,” said Vang.


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NPAI VANG: Trying something new becomes new found passion