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JAMES MARRONE: Collaboration Days

January 15, 2019

Social studies department head James Marrone discusses teachers meetings in the month of January. Marrone...


Risa Kinard: Writing In Cursive

December 18, 2018

Risa has taken an interest in cursive after observing her mother's writing. She uses it often and enjoys...

LUCIA HERNANDEZ: Preparation for Choir Performance

December 16, 2018

Due to a recent cancellation in the annual “Walking tour” where Stagg’s music program visits different...

CIERRA BURDG: Thoughts on lit mag

December 3, 2018

Senior Cierra Burdg joined Stagg's creative writing and production class this year. Creative writing...

EVA ROJAS: Inspired by anime

November 26, 2018

Junior Eva Rojas as a child has been very found of anime cartoons. Her first inspirations for drawling...

Lamonte Walker: California’s Track And Field Representative

November 15, 2018

Junior, Lamonte Walker, has been chosen to represent California in a track and field event. Walker explains...

CAITLYNN COLEN: Drawling characters writing stories

November 8, 2018

Junior Caitlynn Colen has been drawling characters since last year. Basing her first versions of her...

Aaliyah-Aliza’e Arther: Love for writing

October 29, 2018

Aaliyah is a talented writer who discusses why she has a fondness for writing and what inspires her to...

THOMAS GIBBS: Students preparing for the PSAT

October 25, 2018

Sophomore talks about his experience in the PSAT and how he prepared to take the test. He believes he...

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